Should You Buy The New Tesco Hudl 2?

We all know that the budget end of the tablet market is filled with horribly impossible to use small Android tablets (apart from Google’s own of course) but now surprisingly the UK’s biggest Supermarket, Tesco, has got in on the act and has done a brilliant job.

As the name suggests the Hudle 2 is the next iteration to Tesco’s budget Android tablet and after the huge success of the original nobody can blame them for going at it again. At only £130 the Hudl 2 is perfect for kids and those that are perhaps new to tablets and won’t use or need the features of a larger more expensive device. At that price you’d expect fairly lacklustre tech specs but Tesco have pulled out all the stops with this one.

The 8.3″ Full HD screen makes using the device a joy and the crisp, clear text makes it perfect for a bit of Facebook, online shopping and reading books while the Intel Atom quad-core processor and 2GB RAM makes it great for watching HD films and even gaming. It comes with the latest version of Android (at the time of writing anyway) which is called KitKat meaning you get a great choice of apps from the Google Play store. Unfortunately Tesco have loaded a few of their own which can’t be deleted but they don’t really get in the way too much. However, one of these apps, the child safety app, is very useful. It lets you set profiles for everybody in the family and with this you can set which apps and websites they can use and even how long and what times of the day they can use the tablet – essential for any family.

But, and there’s always a but, the battery life is really the thing you’ll notice on the Hudl 2, at most it’ll give you 8 hours of web browsing and book reading but as soon as you play a movie or processor intensive game the battery will really start to drain – you’ll certainly be charging it almost daily. It’s also not the greatest looking of tablets and weighs just over 400g which is significantly heavier than the 330g iPad Mini, but then it is half the price. The cameras are pretty pointless t00 with a 5MP rear and 1.2MP at the front – although nobody should ever being using a tablet to take masterpiece photos anyway.

So, should you buy the Tesco Hudl 2 tablet?

If you’re looking for a budget tablet for your kids, something cheap to use around the house or a gift for your parents or grandparents then absolutely yes, you should buy one – it’s a really great tablet.

If you’re looking for a sleek, good looking, feature filled tablet for more than web browsing and the odd bit of gaming then no, you’d be better going for an iPad Mini, Nexus 7 or Amazon Fire HD.


What are your thoughts?

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