This App Pays You to Go To the Gym

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives – joined the gym and only used it a few times before getting bored. With the new year just around the corner (scary I know) there’ll be a huge swathes of people doing it all over again.

One app developer now believes they have the cure to this problem – pay people to use the gym.

The app is called GymPact and it’s a great idea. It rewards those that exercise and punishes those that don’t. The idea behind GymPact, available for free on Android and iOS, is that you pledge an amount of money (you decide how much) and how many days you’ll visit the gym or workout at home or outdoors. If you complete your pledge for a certain week then you get paid but if you don’t you get charged a certain amount. The money from non-exercisers is distributed to those who do exercise.

Currently, payments are around 30 cents (they’re American) per workout completed so if you’re good you could earn enough to cover a fair amount of your gym membership.


What are your thoughts?

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