Round-up of Apple Announcements

On Tuesday this week Apple made a series of product updates and new announcements at their event in San Francisco. Here’s a quick roundup of the important things they announced.

1. Mac Pro

Apple's new MacPro internals
Apple’s new MacPro internals

We already knew most of the technical details of Apple’s new Mac Pro desktop but what we didn’t know was the price or a time-frame for release. We got these answers on Tuesday. The revolutionary new desktop will be available in December and will start at £2,500 for a 3.7GHz Quad-Core with 12GB RAM. The standard 6-Core is priced at £3,299.

2. iPad Mini Retina

iPad Mini with Retina Display
iPad Mini with Retina Display

This is the one that a lot of people have been waiting for. From the

moment the first iPad Mini was announced this time last year everybody has been waiting for it to be fitted with a Retina display. The new iPad Mini is coming towards the end of November and is priced from £319 up to £659 for a 128GB with Wi-Fi and Cellular. The iPad Mini with Retina Display also features Apple’s new A7 and M7 chips which give massively improved speed and graphics.

3. OS X Mavericks

This one got a great round of applause from the audience and all of those watching online. Apple announced that their new desktop operating system – OS X

Mavericks – would be available completely free to all Mac users no matter what version they’re currently on. They also had a massive dig at Microsoft who are charging around $100 for their latest operating system. OS X Mavericks comes with a range of updates including much better multiple display support, iBooks, Maps and a lot more.

4. iLife and iWork Updates

iLife on iPad
New iLife 2013 on the iPad Air

Again, this is something that we knew a little bit abou

t from Apple’s developer event (WWDC) back in June this year. We did learn though that all of iWork and iLife apps have been refreshed with new graphics and UIs. We also saw a little bit more of iWork for iCloud which is Apple’s answer to the fantastic Google Docs. It was also announced that all of these apps would be available for free with all new Macs and iOS devices – saving you a small fortune.

5. iPad Air

This was primarily an iPad event and so of course the regular iPad had to have an update. Not only did itget updated hardware but it got a new name – iPad Air. As I’m sure you guessed it’s lighter, thinner and faster than the previous version, mostly thanks to the new A7 chip. There’s a also a smaller bezel – 40% smaller in fact – around the screen, which makes a huge difference when compared to older version of the iPad.

What did you like or not like from Apple’s announcements? Leave your comments below.


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