Vodafone UK Announces it’s 4G Offering

Vodafone in the UK have announced that their 4G services will launch in London on 29th August 2013, the same day as O2 switch on their 4G network in Leeds, Bradford and London.

The network’s plans will start at £26 although this is sim-only. Regular plans will be in three prices £34 (Regular), £39 (L) and £44 (XL) on 24 months contracts. There’s no word yet on data apart from the £44 contract giving an 8GB monthly allowance. Vodafone Test Drive will give every 4G customer 3 months of unlimited data though so they can figure out how much they actually use each month.

Vodafone 4G London Taxi
Vodafone’s new 4G London Taxi. Their 4G service will launch 29th August.

Plus, customers on the L and XL plans will get Spotify Premium and Sky Sports Mobile TV included, that’s around £15 of free services for two years.

Vodafone say other cities such as Birmingham, Bradford, Nottingham and Sheffield will get 4G by the end of the year while 98% of the population will get indoor coverage in a couple of years.

Mobile phone companies have recently been criticised by consumer groups for not offering unlimited data plans for 4G, especially given how much more data consumers are likely to use. Three will be the only network to offer unlimited data plans but they won’t launch services until the end of the year.

With the competition starting to hot up let’s see what happens over the coming months when all the networks services come online. Who will have the best deals and who will get the most customers?

Do you use 4G already? What are your experiences? Please leave comments below.


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