O2 Announces it’s 4G Offering

Telefonica’s UK arm, O2, have today released basic details of their upcoming 4G service which will launch at the end of August this year.

For the last few months the only company to offer 4G services in the UK has been Everything Everywhere (EE). Since the auction of the 4G spectrum by ofcom earlier this year the UK has been waiting for the likes of O2, Vodafone and Three to announce details of their offerings. O2 are the first to do so.

Uptake of EE’s 4G service has been quite slow with less than 1 million subscribers so far despite a large number of cities having 4G available. This could be due to their high prices and low data caps or people just waiting to see what others offer.

O2’s cheapest contract will be £26 per month but they’ve yet to detail how much data you’ll get for this (nobody cares about calls or texts). Hopefully they will learn from EE’s mistake.

Importantly, the iPhone 5 will not be available on O2’s 4G network unless Apple release version. This could effect uptake too as the iPhone 5 is hugely popular.

Have you been using EE’s 4G service or are thinking of getting 4G now that O2 have an offering? Please comment below.


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