How It Started – Site Review

Ever wondered how the world’s most famous companies started out? I have. Now there’s an amazing website where you can find out, it’s called How It Started.

The website features a whole range of companies from Mashable to Hooters and just about everything in between.

How It Started Grid
How It Started Grid

The site is a pleasure to use with each company featured in a colourful grid style on the homepage. You can filter companies by type to narrow down to your area of interest or simply browse them all. Once you click on a company their page opens with a brief description and a large video that details how they got started. You can then flick through the companies until you get to another that you find interesting.

It’s not just businesses on there either though. There’s a whole host of celebrities and public figures too, including Wretch 32 and Tim Lovejoy.

There’s another cool section to the website and that’s ‘How do they make money?’. This part shows how different companies actually make money (if they do actually make money). It shows whether they’re profitable and how they make their profit – advertising, freemium, subscribers etc.

The site’s got a good blog with lots of posts about entrepreneurship, music and productivity.

Although the site doesn’t quite seem 100% complete and a lot of the content isn’t their own there is still a tonne of information on there and they seem to be growing quite quickly.

Take a look and see what you think, comment below with your opinions.


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