Blackberry Launch BB10

At a press launch streamed at locations around the world Blackberry (formally RIM, that’s another story) released their new smartphone device, the Blackberry 10.

It’s offered in two forms; a touchscreen version and a traditional version with a qwerty keyboard.

The touchscreen version, called the Z10, features a 4.2″ screen. The device itself looks good and looks to be of good quality.

The big ‘wow’ though is the OS – It looks brilliant. Something called Blackberry ‘Flow’ allows users to access the ‘hub’ where all social network and BBM notifications are without ever leaving the app their in. It look slick.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has also got a massive boost. It now offers video calling and voice calling, both free over Wi-Fi and a new screen sharing option that looks fantastic.

The UK will be the first country to get the Z10 as it launches tomorrow (31st January) on a number of carriers.

More details soon as more is released.


What are your thoughts?

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