GoPro Release The HERO3

30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful – the main features of the new HERO3 camera by GoPro. The company have today released three versions of the amazingly popular wearable and mountable camera.

Priced at £179.99 the basic ‘White Edition‘ boasts the new smaller, lighter and more powerful features along with the 1080p quality of the original HD HERO camera.

Next up is the ‘Silver Edition‘ which has a few more features brought over from the HERO2. With 11MP still photos and a brilliant automatic photo capture feature. Priced at £279.99 it’s not too bad.

The cream of the crop though and the edition everybody should buy is the ‘Black Edition‘. With ultra high definition 4K at 15fps this edition offers amazing quality in such a small package. It’s also capable of ultra-wide 1440p at 48fps. With 12MP stills this edition offers everything you’ll ever need in a camera of this type. Included in the Black Edition is the brilliant Wi-Fi remote, normally an £80 extra. With a price of £359.99 you certainly get great value for money.

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition
GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

The development that makes the HERO3 stand out from the previous versions and the competition is the fact that ALL of the versions now come with built in Wi-Fi which makes them all fully compatible with the great GoPro App.

All in all then the HERO3 is a fantastic camera but you really need to get the Black Edition to get your monies worth. I certainly can’t wait to see some shots in 4K Ultra HD.

In the UK the White and Silver editions are available to buy now but the Black Edition’s not available until the end of November.

Do you have a HERO3? What do you think of it?

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition
GoPro HERO3 Black Edition



What are your thoughts?

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